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Strings Programs in C

List of all C Programs arranged under Categories in single page(Old Version)
List of all C Programs without Categories
To know whether the character is vowel or not
To Count number of vowels in a string
To know the length of a string without using string functions
To count number of words in a sentence
To count vowels in sentence
To count number of times a letter repeated in sentence
To know the frequency of each character in senetence
To convert upper to lower and vice versa
To Print number of white spaces in sentence
To know whether the given string is Palindrome or not
To print the reverse of given string
To concatenate two strings
To count vowels,consonants,digits and special characters
Search a substring in a given string
Compare two strings
To print sum of digits in string
To find the first capital letter in a given string
To find whether the given substring is present in string or not
To split sentence for a given character
To Sort names in Alphabetical order
Program to print Largest and Smallest Word from given Sentence
Reverse of Words in given sentence in C
Program to print Largest and Smallest Palindrome in Sentence
Program to print Circularly Permuted String for n number of times
Remove Repeated Words in String using C
Replace the Substring with the given String
Program to print 'N' Characters from the given Position of a String using Pointers
Program to Limit number of Characters entered by User
Find Words with Consecutive Vowels in Sentence
Find Subsets of Given String
Find all Words Ended with given Character
Check whether all Characters from String 1 matches String 2(Not String Comparision)
Letters which are repeated more number of time
Find First Small Letter in String
Number of Characters need to make a String Palindrome
Check whether both Strings are Anagrams or not
Print ASCII Values of letters in string
Print ASCII value of given Character and Print its next character
Display Reverse of Number in words
Reverse of Given Number in words separate digits
Swap 2 String without String Library Functions
Basics Numbers Mathematics Sum Series Strings using Library Functions
Conversions Arrays Sort and Search Matrices Storage Classes
Pointers Structures Files Numerical Patterns Alphabetical Patterns
Symbol Patterns Miscellaneous Patterns Symbol Pyramids Alpha Pyramids Number Pyramids
Games Applications Encryption/Cipher Decryption Recursion
Compiler Used by me C-Free 5.0(Recommended)
Other Compilers Code Blocks(Recommended)
Online Compilers Ideone(Remember to give input before executing online where ever necessary)

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