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Mathematic Programs in C

List of all C Programs arranged under Categories in single page(Old Version)
List of all C Programs without Categories
To Print Areas of Triangle,Square,Circle,Rectangle,Parallelogram
To Print value of Sine Mathematically and using Library Function
To Print value of Cosine Mathematically and using Library Function
To find Quadrant of given Co-Ordinates
To find roots of quadratic equation
Calculate Simple Interest in all Ways
Calculate only Simple Interest
To Calculate Compound Interest
Calculate Polynomial Equation
To Calcualte Permutation value nPr
To Calcualte Combination value nCr
Multiplicative Inverse of a Number
Program to check whether the given number is power of an integer or not
Program to Display Mean,Variance and Standard Deviation
Program to Display X and Y values of Simultaneous Equations
Average of best two test marks out of given number of test marks
Display the output of a2+√ab+b2
Add N Polynomials
Multiply 2 Polynomials
Adding 2 Polynomials
Find Angles of Triangle for given lengths of sides
Basics Numbers Sum Series Strings Strings using Library Functions
Conversions Arrays Sort and Search Matrices Storage Classes
Pointers Structures Files Numerical Patterns Alphabetical Patterns
Symbol Patterns Miscellaneous Patterns Symbol Pyramids Alpha Pyramids Number Pyramids
Games Applications Encryption/Cipher Decryption Recursion
Compiler Used by me C-Free 5.0(Recommended)
Other Compilers Code Blocks(Recommended)
Online Compilers Ideone(Remember to give input before executing online where ever necessary)

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