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List of all C Programs in my blog

Program No. Program Names
1 Hello World
2 To print from 1 to 100 numbers
3 To print Alphabets from A-Z
4 Print Alphabets from a-z(small)
5 To print whether given number is Odd or Even
6 To print all the odd number till ‘N’
7 Sum of N numbers
8 Sum of all digits in a number
9 To print the reverse of a given number
10 To find whether given number is palindrome or not
11 Sum of all integers divisible by 2 between two numbers
12 To swap two numbers using 3rd variable
13 Swapping two values without using 3rd variable
14 To find if the given year is leap year or not
15 To convert given days to years,week and days
16 To find factorial of a number
17 Biggest of three numbers
18 To find roots of quadratic equation
19 To print Fibonacci Series
20 To Print Diamond for given number of rows
21 To print diamond for 3 rows
22 To know whether given number is Prime or Not
23 To Print all prime number within the given number
24 To print whether the number is armstrong number or not
25 To know all the armstrong numbers between 1 and given number
26 Calculator
27 Convert Decimal to Binary
28 Convert Binary to Decimal
29 To know whether the given number is perfect number or not
30 To Print all Perfect number between 1 and given number
31 To know whether the character is vowel or not
32 To Count number of vowels in a string
33 To Print GCD and LCM
34 To Print Floyds Triangle Pattern
35 Number Pyramid
36 Number Diamond Pattern
37 Right angle triangle pattern
38 Right angle Pattern 2
39 Right angle pattern 3
40 To know the length of a string without using string functions
41 To print length of a string using string functions
42 Alphabetical Pattern1
43 Alphabetical Pattern 2
44 Alphabetical Pattern 3
45 Alphabetical Pattern 4
46 Numerical Pattern 1
47 Numerical Pattern 2
48 Symbol Pattern 1
49 Symbol Pattern 2
50 Symbol Pattern 3
51 Reverse Right Angle Pattern 1
52 Reverse Right Angle Pattern 2
53 Reverse Right Angle Pattern3
54 Reverse Right Angle Pattern4
55 Reverse Alphabetical Pattern1
56 Reverse Alpha Pattern2
57 Reverse Alpha Pattern3
58 Reverse Alpha Pattern4
59 Numeric Pattern 1
60 Numeric Pattern2
61 Numeric Pattern 3
62 Numeric Pattern 4
63 Alpha Pattern 1
64 Alpha Pattern 2
65 Alpha Pattern3
66 Alpha Pattern 4
67 Alpha Pattern 5
68 Symbol Pattern 4
69 Symbol Pattern 5
70 Symbol Pyramid
71 Alpha Pyramid 1
72 Alpha Pyramid 2
73 Alpha Pyramid 3
74 Alpha Pyramid 4
75 Alpha pyramid 5
76 Number Pyramid 1
77 Number Pyramid 2
78 Number Pyramid 3
79 Pascals Triangle
80 To count number of words in a sentence
81 To count vowels in sentence
82 To count number of times a letter repeated in sentence
83 To know the frequency of each character in senetence
84 To convert upper to lower and vice versa
85 To Print number of white spaces in sentence
86 To know whether the given string is Palindrome or not
87 To print the reverse of given string
88 Number Guessing Game
89 To concatenate two strings
90 To count vowels,consonants,digits and special characters
91 Search a substring in a given string
92 Compare two strings
93 To print sum of digits in string
94 To find the first capital letter in a given string
95 To find whether the given substring is present in string or not
96 To split sentence for a given character
97 Convert Roman to Decimal
98 Convert Decimal to Octal
99 Convert Octal to Decimal
101 Towers Of Hanoi
102 To find Average of Class
103 To find Sum of Negative and Positive integers
104 To find minimum and maximum of given numbers
105 To find first 2 maximum numbers in array
106 To separate even and odd numbers in an array
107 Delete a specified integer in array
108 Insert an element into an array at a specified position
109 To Sort names in Alphabetical order
110 Sort array in Ascending order
111 Sort array in Descending order
112 Linear Search
113 Binary Search with input of any order
114 Binary Search with input as sorted order
115 Binary Search using Recurion
116 Sort array using Bubble Sort
117 Insertion Sort
118 Selection Sort
119 To Remove repeated elements in an Array
120 To merge Two Arrays in sorted order
121 To print Union and Intersection of given Array
122 Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
123 Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
124 Addition of 2 matrices
125 Difference of 2 matrices
126 Multiplication of 2 matrices
127 To Add 'N' Matrices
128 To get difference of 'N' Matrices
129 To compare 2 Matrices
130 To Multiply 'N' Matrices
131 To Transpose a given Matrix
132 To Find Trace of a given matrix
133 To find whether given Matrix is Identity or not
134 To find sum of rows and columns in a matrix
135 To find Sum of all Diagonals in a matrix
136 To find whether given matrix is Sparse Matrix or not
137 To find Normal of Given matrix
138 Arrange Rows and Columns of Matrix in Ascending order
139 Arrange Rows and Columns of Matrix in Descending order
140 Arrange Rows in Ascending and Columns in Descending order
141 Arrange Rows and Columns in Ascending order (Method II)
142 Reverse Number Pyramid 1
143 Reverse Number Pyramid 2
144 Reverse Number Pyramid 3
145 Reverse Alpha Pyramid 1
146 Reverse Alpha Pyramid 2
147 Reverse Alpha Pyramid 3
148 Reverse Alpha Pyramid 4
149 Reverse Alpha Pyramid 5
150 Reverse Symbol Pyramid
151 Left Symbol Pyramid
152 Left Number Pyramid 1
153 Left Number Pyramid 2
154 Left Number Pyramid 3
155 Left Alpha Pyramid 1
156 Left Alpha Pyramid 2
157 Left Alpha Pyramid 3
158 Left Alpha Pyramid 4
159 Right Symbol Pyramid
160 Right Number Pyramid 1
161 Right Number Pyramid 2
162 Right Alpha Pyramid 1
163 Right Alpha Pyramid 2
164 Right Alpha Pyramid 3
165 Multiplication Table
166 Display Upper and Lower Triangle of given Matrix
167 To Print Sum of Upper and Lower Triangle of matrix
168 To Interchange of Diagonals in Matrix
169 To Print Areas of Triangle,Square,Circle,Rectangle,Parallelogram
170 To Print value of Sine Mathematically and using Library Function
171 To Print value of Cosine Mathematically and using Library Function
172 To find Quadrant of given Co-Ordinates
173 Calculate Simple Interest in all Ways
174 Calculate only Simple Interest
175 To Calculate Compound Interest
176 Calculate Polynomial Equation
177 To Calcualte Permutation value nPr
178 To Calcualte Combination value nCr
179 Sum of Series 1+1/2+1/3+1/4....+1/N
180 Sum of Series 1/1!+2/2!+3/3!+4/4!....+1/N!
181 To find sum of series in A.P
182 To find Sum of GP Series
183 Printing Values in Variables using Pointers
184 Tell me any Date ,I will tell you the Day
185 Sum of Series 1^2+2^2+3^2+......n^2
186 Sum of Series 1^2-2^2+3^2-......+n^2
187 Swap two numbers using Pointers
188 To Copy one string to other String using Pointers
189 To print length of a string using Pointers
190 To Concatenate two strings using Pointers
191 To Compare 2 strings using Pointers
192 To Print values in array by incementing Pointer
193 To Print values in array by Decrementing Pointer
194 Printing Character Array using Pointers
195 To print Sum of numbers in array usng Pointers
196 Simple Structure
197 Structure Pointer
198 Structure Array
199 Structure using Functions
200 Guess the Toss of a Coin
201 Simple Structure 2
202 Reading a File and Printing on console
203 Writing into file
204 To Append Text into a File
205 To print Sum of integers in File
206 To print number of Spaces,lines,characters and Tabs in a File
207 To Copy text from one File to Another File
208 Generate Morse Code
209 Encrypt using Caesar Code
210 Encryption using Binary Code
211 Encryption using ASCII Code
212 Encryption(Cipher) using Numeral Code
213 Atbash Cipher
214 Encryption using Latin Alphabet
215 Encryption using Polybius Cipher
216 Rail Fence Cipher
217 Scytale Cipher
218 One Time Pad Cipher
219 Viginere Cipher
220 Affine Cipher
221 Play Fair Cipher
222 Decryption of Caesar Code
223 Decryption of Rail Fence Cipher
224 Decryption of Binary Code Cipher
225 Decryption of ASCII Code Cipher
226 Decryption of Numeral Code Cipher
227 Decryption of Atbash Cipher
228 Decryption of Latin Alphabet Cipher
229 Decryption of Scytale Cipher
230 Decryption of One Time Pad Cipher
231 Decryption of Viginere Cipher
232 Decryption of Affine Cipher
233 Multiplicative Inverse of a Number
234 Reverse of Words in given sentence in C
235 Decryption of Polybius Square Cipher
236 Program to Read a Date and print the number of days elapsed from 1st January of the given year
237 Decryption of Playfair Cipher
238 Convert Upper to Lower and Vice Vesra using Library Functions
239 Print Reverse of given string using Library Functions
240 String Palindrome using library functions
241 String Comparision using Library functions
242 Automatic Storage Class
243 Currency Length Speed Conversion
244 Register Storage Class
245 Voting System using Static storage Class in C
246 External Storage Class
247 Decryption of Morse Code Cipher
248 Wall Clock Program
248_2 Wall Clock Program Method 2
249 Program to display Array Pairs whose Sum is equal to a Number
250 Program to print Largest and Smallest Word from given Sentence
251 Program to print Largest and Smallest Palindrome in Sentence
252 Program to print Circularly Permuted String for n number of times
253 Program to print Reverse Binary Pyramid
254 Program to print Binary Pyramid
255 Print the largest difference between two array elements in C
256 Remove Repeated Words in String using C
257 Program to run html file,to shutdown and to restart using C
258 Online Shopping Program using C
259 Program to print String in X Pattern
260 Program to print String in X Pattern(Reverse) in C
261 Program to print Frequency of digits in an Array
262 Program to print count of Armstrong and Palindromes in an Array
263 Medical Store Project in C
264 Replace the Substring with the given String
265 Print Any Alphabet as Symbol Pattern
266 Program to print Multiplication by using Addition
267 Program to print whether given Number is Happy or not
268 Program to print all Happy Numbers till N
269 Program to print 'N' Characters from the given Position of a String using Pointers
270 Program to print Reverse V Alphabet Pattern
271 Program to print Reverse V Symbol Pattern
272 Authenticating User based on 3 Attempts
273 Program to print Company Bonus on Salary
274 Numerical Pattern 5 Reverse Number
275 Program to check whether the given number is power of an integer or not
276 Single Linked List
277 Program to check whether there are repeated digits in given Number
278 Program for ATM Machine
279 Get Calendar for Given Year and Month
280 Print Sum of Even Numbers in Array using Recursion
281 Print Average of Numbers in Array at Even Positions
282 Lucky Winner using Files
283 Print Array elements in Reverse Order using Swapping method
284 Program to print Numeric Pattern 4 for consecutive numbers
285 Bubble Sort using Recursion
286 Program to print sum of Columns in matrix using GOTO Statement
287 Program to Limit number of Characters entered by User
288 Odd Even Sorting
289 Program to Check whether given Matrix is Orthogonal or not
290 Print Given Money or Value in Words
291 Program to prepare Agenda(Events on a particular day) and Store in file
292 Check Whether Both Matrices are Equal or not
293 Program to print Compound interest for Given Years with next 4 rates in table
294 Check if Repeated digits are there using Recursion
295 Hand Cricket Game in C
296 Sand Glass Pattern in C(Pyramid Combination)
297 Numerical Pattern 6
298 Display Series in AP along with Sum for given Common difference and Number of Terms
299 Program to Display Mean,Variance and Standard Deviation
300 Program to Display X and Y values of Simultaneous Equations
301 Program to Display Alpha Numeric Pattern
302 Program to Display Symbol X Pattern
303 Program to Display Number X Pattern
304 Program to Display Reverse Number X Pattern
305 Alphabetical Sand Glass Pattern using C
306 Alphabetical SandGlass Pattern 2 using C
307 Display Occurrence of Word in the given String using Library Functions
308 Store Contacts in Text file using C
309 Spiral Number Pattern in C
310 Spiral Alphabet Pattern in C
311 Find minimum number in given Array using Recursion
312 Factorial of a number using Recursion
313 Find Words with Consecutive Vowels in Sentence
314 GCD of a number using Recursion
315 Sum Series of 1^1/1!+2^2/2!+3^3/3!.. upto n terms
316 Display Alphabetical Pattern As Given--Alpha Pattern 6
317 Password Generator in C
318 Area and Circumference of Circle using Macro Substituion
319 All Mathematical Operations using Macro Substitution
320 All in one Conversions(Total 12 Conversions in one Program)
321 Binary to Octal Conversion in C
322 Binary to Hexadecimal Conversion in C
323 Octal to Binary Conversion in C
324 Stacks using Arrays
325 Single Linked List Names
326 Magic Square for Given number of rows
327 Check Whether Given Matrix is Magic Square or Not
328 Find Subsets of Given String
329 Find all Words Ended with given Character
330 Check whether all Characters from String 1 matches String 2(Not String Comparision)
331 Letters which are repeated more number of time
332 Find First Small Letter in String
333 Number Diamond Pattern 2 for given pattern
334 Number of Characters need to make a String Palindrome
335 Add 2 Matrices using Pointers in C
336 Subtract 2 Matrices using Pointers in C
337 Quick Sort in C
338 Rearrange Entered C Code
339 Check whether both Strings are Anagrams or not
340 Chakravyuha or Spiral Pattern Program(Question Taken from Codevitae(TCS) 2017)
341 Sum Series (1+(1+2)+(1+2+3)+(1+2+3+4)+......till N)
342 Sum Series (1+(1*2)+(1*2*3)+....till N
343 Generate Series -1,4,-7,10,-13....till N
344 Array Pair which when added will give nearest zero
345 All Bitwise Operations
346 Addition and Multiplication by 2 using Bitwise Operations
347 Odd or Even number using Bitwise Operations
348 Check whether all bits of a number are 1
349 Numbers repeated Odd number of times in array
350 Frequency of all numbers in array
351 Print ASCII Values of letters in string
352 Calculate Electricity Bill
353 Print ASCII value of given Character and Print its next character
354 Calculate Gross Salary from given Basic Pay
355 Average of best two test marks out of given number of test marks
356 Generate Given Numerical Pattern 6
357 Display AND table in C
358 Display Reverse of Number in words
359 Reverse of Given Number in words separate digits
360 Print all possible squares from given N Co-ordinates
361 Display File Size
362 Display the output of a2+√ab+b2
363 Print Numerical Hollow Parallelogram pattern
364 Add N Complex Numbers using Structures
365 Total marks of all N Students for given subjects using Structures
366 Create a file with a set of numbers and write Odd and Even numbers into separate files
367 Total marks of all N Students for M subjects using nested Structures
368 Pizza Hut Management System
369 Left Number Pyramid 4
370 Add N Polynomials
371 Multiply 2 Polynomials
372 Adding 2 Polynomials
373 Alpha Pyramid 6
374 Miscellaneous Numeric Pattern 5
375 Print Alphabetical Hollow Parallelogram pattern
376 Swap 2 strings
377 Swap 2 String without String Library Functions
378 Print Loaction of running Program
379 Printing program's own Source Code
380 Distance between 2 Points
381 Find Angles of Triangle for given lengths of sides
382 Find whether given number is Strong or Not
383 Find N Strong Numbers
384 Symbol Hollow Parallelogram Pattern
385 Symbol Hollow Square Pattern
386 Symbol Steps Pattern
387 Left Reverse Symbol Steps Pattern
388 Right Symbol Steps Pattern
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