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Program 16: To find factorial of a number

Program 16:
  int number,factorial=1,i;
  printf("Enter a number for knowing it's factorial\n");
  1. Initializes :
    • number-for storing given number
    • factorial-for storing factorial of a number.
    • i for using in loop
  2. Prompting user for input through scanf statement.
  3. The main logic goes here:(factorial=factorial*i)
    • i=1 and i<=number(say 5) which is true then factorial=1*1=1 then i increments by 1
    • Now i=2 and as i<=5 which is true then factorial=1*2=2.Now i increases by 1
    • Now i=3 and as i<=5 which is true then factorial=2*3=6.Now i increases by 1
    • Now i=4 and as i<=5 which is true then factorial=6*4=24.Now i increases by 1
    • Now i=5 and as i<=5 which is true then factorial=24*5=120.Now i increases by 1
    • Now i=6 and as I is not less or equal to 5 the loop terminates
  4. There fore it prints the factorial which is 120.
factorial of a number

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