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Application Programs in C

List of all C Programs arranged under Categories in single page(Old Version)
List of all C Programs without Categories
Lucky Winner using Files
Rearrange Entered C Code
Chakravyuha or Spiral Pattern Program(Question Taken from Codevitae(TCS) 2017)
Program to Limit number of Characters entered by User
Get Calendar for Given Year and Month
Multiplication Table
Tell me any Date ,I will tell you the Day
Program to Read a Date and print the number of days elapsed from 1st January of the given year
Voting System using Static storage Class in C
Currency Length Speed Conversion
Wall Clock Program
Wall Clock Program Method 2
Program to run html file,to shutdown and to restart using C
Online Shopping Program using C
Medical Store Project in C
Print Any Alphabet as Symbol Pattern
Authenticating User based on 3 Attempts
Program for ATM Machine
Print Given Money or Value in Words
Program to prepare Agenda(Events on a particular day) and Store in file
Program to print Compound interest for Given Years with next 4 rates in table
Store Contacts in Text file using C
Password Generator in C
Calculate Electricity Bill
Print all possible squares from given N Co-ordinates
Pizza Hut Management System
Print Loaction of running Program
Printing program's own Source Code
Distance between 2 Points
Basics Numbers Mathematics Sum Series Strings
Strings using Library Functions Conversions Arrays Sort and Search Matrices
Storage Classes Pointers Structures Files Numerical Patterns
Alphabetical Patterns Symbol Patterns Miscellaneous Patterns Symbol Pyramids Alpha Pyramids
Number Pyramids Games Encryption/Cipher Decryption Recursion
Compiler Used by me C-Free 5.0(Recommended)
Other Compilers Code Blocks(Recommended)
Online Compilers Ideone(Remember to give input before executing online where ever necessary)

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